Shit Creek

Converge 2017 Spring

May 4, 2017

Wasn’t too sure how this years Nor Cal Convergence was going to turn out. Lots of key players busy with that damn thing called life, I just had surgery on my broken humerus, and to be honest just haven’t felt the spark with wakeskating in general lately. Showed up friday and was immediately reminded of the stoke and fire that is the convergence spirit. The entire weekend was nothing but wakeskating and good times with amazing people. Thanks to everyone that came out, helped out, built and shredded. One of the best Convergences I can remember.

Shit Creek

Aphid – Nobody’s Perfect

February 9, 2017

Aphid was fucking awesome. One of the best boards built and teams assembled. It all just fit. Like those Bear Vs Shark songs in the ‘In Its Travels’ video. This video is one of my favorites ever made. Enjoy…

Shit Creek

Make It Funky

February 6, 2017

Day trip out to battle falls Music – James Brown – Make it funky
Riders in order of appearance: Trey Seneff James McGuigan Jake Ramsdell Reed Hansen
Filmers: Laura Hawthorne, Shelly Rush, and James McGuigan

Shit Creek


December 29, 2016

Andrew put together a short edit from his trip to the philippines this fall. Stayed a few extra days after a contest and filmed a little with Andy Kolb and Nick Leduc.

Shit Creek

Remote – Two Thousand Seventeen

October 4, 2016

The 2017 Remote Wakeskates are in. After watching this video I’d say they’re officially team tested and mother fucking approved.

Video by: Taylor Hanley

Shit Creek

Remote Shredding

September 25, 2016

The Remote boys and a couple friends session Area52.

Music By: The Dog Island

Shit Creek

Nuts and Bolts

September 14, 2016

Chris Mitchell makes some awesome wakeskates over at Grain…He also makes bad ass edits of Battle Falls.