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Kelly Swan – Arizona Hot Boy

July 10, 2016

Kelly Swan Questionaire


Where you from? Lake Havasu city, Arizona

Where do you live/work at the moment? Tempe, Arizona

Last one night stand? Haha.
Last tall boy purchase? Fosters

How was your latest trip to CA? California is awesome. Keaton, Calli and Trey are the best. Keaton always has something cool going on and Trey cooked me eggs every morning. We would go skate around and ride at the cable everyday. Calli Turner is crazy good at wakeskating. Austin Polterock was there and Cole Kraiss drove up from AZ with some buddies later that week. It’s always fun up there.

Where else have you been recently? Washington and Oregon. My family lives in Washington. The northwest is nice

You headed to any tour stops? Suwannee and hopefully Battle Falls!

Craziest tour story… I went to Suwannee pro 2 years ago. I don’t have any crazy stories that I can think of. It was definitely insane though. Suwannee bro was nice too. A Roman candle war and some night wakeskating. Alex Haney did a switch back 180 and switch back 360 down the first drop.

Any trips planned?  Yeah I’m heading to Louisiana tomorrow morning to meet up with Mitch Cobb and driving out to Suwannee with Cole Kraiss, Bammer Rehn, David Roehm, and Matti Buys. Mitch got a camper and a big bbq.

Leticia Bufoni, Tony Hawk, Oprah; marry one. Kill one. Fuck one.

Fuck leticia, marry tony, kill Oprah

Who’ve you been filmin/skating with?

I haven’t been filming skateboarding as much as I should. A few buddies and I skated around downtown Phoenix the other day. It was hot. I was filming a whole bunch at the cable park in California with Keaton and everybody. I left and headed to Parker, Arizona for 2 days and filmed Cole a little bit at the cable park. I want to start winching a lot more too. The spots in Arizona are great.

What vids get you hyphy?

It’s a Secret, Snotjob, Baker 3, anything Water Monsters. That Austin Pastura cable video is the best.

Do you get hyphy?





I like disposable cameras lately, vx2100, and things like that.

Skateboarder: Aaron Guore, Nick Michel, Pat Gallaher, Frankie Decker, Steven Ostrowski, Ben Kadow, Nolan Johnson.

Wakeskater: Austin Pastura, Ollie Moore, Andrew pastura, Bammer Rehn, Cole Kraiss not in order.

Photographer : Joey Mena

Filmer/editor: Diego Meek, Daniel Dent, Aaron Pastura, William Storbeck, Tad Matthews.


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